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“Out of crisis comes clarity” Randolph O’Toole It is with excitement and gratitude that I introduce to you the new Healthy Bites Blog: {Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.} I have come to the realization that wellness is about more than what we eat– it is about nourishing our mind, body and spirit in a whole way which […]

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{Thrive} Katie’s Picks: Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for the Health Enthusiast

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Today’s post is variation on “Katie’s Picks” that features a fun and festive round-up of my favorite stocking stuffers and small gifts! These are great ideas for the healthy living enthusiast in your life! From eco-friendly metal straws to fermentation kits, a resolution wrap bracelet (made using bombs that have been cleared from farming land) […]

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{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness


Tomorrow is “Giving Tuesday” which is a day dedicated to giving back. While many people translate this day–in the midst of the holiday shopping hoopla–into a prompt to purchase gifts that “give back”(a great thing might I add)–I think it can be even more. A simple act of kindness is a great way to “give” […]

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{Nourish} Almost From Scratch: Time Saving Ingredients


I wish I could tell you I cook EVERYTHING from scratch.  That is to the, right?  Unfortunately, busy times call for a few “cheat” ingredients every now and then and this time of year–I am all for a few time saving tips. Yes, my intention is to avoid overly processed foods that are loaded with […]

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{Mindful Monday} Finding a Sense of Calm During the Chaos of The Holidays


There was a time in my life that went like this: whenever I was asked, “How are you?”, my automatic answer was “So busy”. If you are new to this blog then I’ll fill you in on the fact that this overwhelming sense of continuous chaos is what ultimately forced me to slow down, reassess […]

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{Nourish} Healthy Holiday Side Dishes: A Round Up!


Thanksgiving is one week away which means you still have plenty of time to inspire yourself to serve up some seriously tasty food for your holiday feast. Even better, this collection of recipes, while decadently delicious, are good for you too– but don’t bother sharing that tidbit with your guests! Let them sit back and […]

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