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“Out of crisis comes clarity” Randolph O’Toole It is with excitement and gratitude that I introduce to you the new Healthy Bites Blog: {Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.} I have come to the realization that wellness is about more than what we eat– it is about nourishing our mind, body and spirit in a whole way which […]

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{Nourish} Littleneck “Clam Boil” with Chorizo Chicken Sausage and Potato


Growing up, one of my fondest memories was spending weekends at our local pool. A few nights each summer we would gather around a picnic table to enjoy a quintessential summer dinner! My dad would grill up hot dogs and hamburgers and on a few special nights we had a clam boil! We would help […]

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{Nourish} Seared Scallops + Southwest Corn & Tomato Salad


Are you tired of cooking scallops that turn out rubbery and chewy? Try this recipe and it will never happen again! The key to cooking a great scallop lies in the quality of the scallop you purchase and the way you handle this delicate ingredient. This is a go-to recipe in my house because it […]

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{Nourish} “Smoky” Salmon with Grilled Peach & Tomato Salad


  This is my favorite time of year when it comes to seasonal produce because tomatoes, peaches and corn are plentiful and beyond delicious. When ingredients are in season and locally grown they are so flavorful they practically speak for themselves which means you barely have to season them. This recipe really speaks to all […]

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{Mindful Monday}: Harnessing the “I Haves”


I can remember several times in my life when I have felt completely overwhelmed by the “wants and the haves” as I like to call ’em. You know, it feels like your feet are cemented to the ground and you can see where you want to go or you know what you want to do… […]

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{Thrive} Back to School Conscious Living Tips


We are winding down back to school week with a few tips to make this hectic time of year a bit more manageable and fun! If you have not had a chance to check out the “Fridge Worthy School Lunch Cheat Sheet” from earlier in the week we suggest you do! It is  a lifesaver! […]

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