Welcome to {Nourish.Breathe.Thrive}

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“Out of crisis comes clarity” Randolph O’Toole It is with excitement and gratitude that I introduce to you the new Healthy Bites Blog: {Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.} I have come to the realization that wellness is about more than what we eat– it is about nourishing our mind, body and spirit in a whole way which […]

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{Nourish} Cool Weather Cobbler

Apple and Pear Coobler

As far as I am concerned, every season deserves a cobbler or crumble of sorts. While I tend not to have much of a sweet tooth (pass the potato chips, please), I love fruit and roasted fruit may just top the list of my favorite desserts–they simply feel more savory to me. This cool weather […]

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{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Owning our Stories

owning our stories

We all have stories. Some of them are true though some are not and many of them become muddled over time. The thing that we often forget is that we are not shackled to these stories–no matter how tragic or hurtful or scary or triumphant they might be. Our stories, though a part of our […]

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{Nourish} Wild Blueberry, Lemon and Hazelnut Quick Bread

Hazelnut Lemon Wild Blueberry Cake

Cake for breakfast makes everything better, right? We think so and that is why I whipped up a batch of my favorite gluten-free quick bread this week! We are still adjusting to our new kindergarten schedule. Wow, the hour we lost each morning makes a huge difference in our routine. I am setting an alarm […]

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Nourish: Whole Cooking and Nutrition Book Launch!

whole cooking and nutrition

It almost feels surreal to hold this book in my hands. A book I wrote. A book that started as a dream at least 5 years ago, though maybe it was more. A book that took 2 1/2 years to write with the help of so many of you! You tested recipes. You championed me […]

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{Nourish} Chicken Salad with Grapes and Dill

chicken salad

It’s been a while. I know. I have broken so many blogger rules by simply peacing out but hey, I am getting over all of those shoulds and embracing real life. My family needed me. I needed me. So, the blog, it had to wait. But, I am back and we are day three into a […]

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